​​RPM Soils LLC.

Our Services:

Turning your soil into gold!

RPM Soils LLC Agricultural Services include:

  • Soil sampling, testing, and recommendations.
  • Frequent soil sampling
  • Complete testing including Phosphorous, Potassium, pH, Organic Matter, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Sulfur, Manganese, Copper, and Aluminum.     
  • Nitrogen Testing (additional charge applies)
  • Soil Test Data Analysis and Recommendations
  • Free in Field Trouble shooting
  • Free telephone consultations
  • Recommendations tailored to your operation
  • GPS mapping of fields

Additional Services:

  • Variable Rate Recommendations (no extra charge)
  • Soil Management and Conservation Assessments
  • Yield Data Analysis
  • Cover Crop selection
  • Protection of personal information and locational data will be assured in writing if desired
  • Waste Water Septic Tank Investigations